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  • [Digipack] Dessert Box 10.5 x 10.5 x 6 | Toples Plastic

    Rp5,600 /pc
  • [Digipack] Brown Paper Food Cup 8 oz + Lid

    Rp4,500 /pc
  • [Digipack] White Window Satchel Bag 18 x 7 x 30 | Kantong Kertas Roti

    Rp470 /pc
  • [Digipack] White Envelope Satchel Bag 11 x 11 | Kantong Kertas Kentang

    Rp150 /pc
  • [Digipack] Brown Paper Bag Tali 20 x 9 x 29.8 | Kantong Kertas Coklat

    Rp1,800 /pc

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